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nadem1this, these (near speaker)2somone (indefinite topic)
naa1part(introduces speech)
naa2demthis, these (when distant possessor pronoun follows)
na̱prepwith, in, and, along withna jinafirinahikada
na jina̱with, in, and, along withji1arm, handadvhave, possess
na nduqueswhich, this how
nabipartthen, did (helping verb that shows a important new step forward to develop the story)
nadoprepwith on
nafirina̱with, in, and, along withfiri 1wordadjwanting, needing
nahi ?prepwith in
nahikadana̱with, in, and, along withhi2in, insidekada 1sunadvdaytime
nakapartlike, as, be, is
nakadani ?advlong ago
nandondo ?nmorning
naraki ?conthat is why
nawu ?advthere is
ne1pronhim, her, his, hers (same, logophoric)
ne2pronit (object pronoun)
neepronhis, her (close, inalienable) (same, logophoric) (pl noun)
nee̱pronhim, her (same, logophoric) (neg object), his, her (same logophoric) (neg close, inalienable)
ne neadvwith him/her (same as subject or reporter)
nebit ?ngrape

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