In the Bongo language, there are several different types of words:  nouns, verbs, pronouns, adjectives, modifiers, adverbs, connectors, and others.  This dictionary lists many words and tells what kind of word each is.  It also gives the meaning of each word in English.  Each word is listed according to the order of the alphabet letters so that it is easier to find the words.  This book also shows how each word should be spelled.  The lessons of the Bongo Consonant and Vowel Book  and the Bongo Grammar Book should be learned and used along with this dictionary.

 It is especially important for those writing books and translating Scripture to check the spelling of words using this book.  If all writers spell the way that words are written in this dictionary, it will be easier for readers to recognize each word when they read it.   Any words in this book that are not spelled correctly or have the wrong English meaning should be marked in pencil.  You should then tell the authors the correct spelling or meaning so that they can correct the next printing.